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LCM Development is a privately owned learning, training and marketing development company which provides Annual, Large Scale and Training Events and courses aimed at a wide variety of executive target markets. Our purpose is to provide our customers the business relationships and innovative skills to do different and better business.

LMC Development was created with the philosophy of developing people and organisations in a way that is acceptable, entertaining, insightful and productive aligned to current social and economic trends. With several years’ experience, LMC Development has a reputation for offering a broad spectrum of high-quality, certified training courses and conferences for both individuals and organisations.

Working with a wide range of organisations, including local and international government departments and multinational private organisation, LMC Development supports thousands of clients every year, offering standard and tailored courses both on and offsite.


To become firmly rooted in a tradition of excellence for our clients, helping them compete and succeed in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.


To empower people with compelling intelligence and to create a standard beyond compare in everything we do.



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